Published in 2015

“This Earth is so tiny for our amusement,

Lets create more space

By drying the oceans.

Formulating this, hooves of their horses are blowing

Heaps of dust.”

Negating this Rakshasa philosophy of greed, blind exploitation of natural resources, terrorism backed by imperialism; this novel maps the life of Prince Ram. Pivoting on four quarters of the day represented by Ahalya, Sita, Tara, and Trijata; and four quarters of the night represented by Vashishtha, Dasaratha, Indra, and Ravana, this paean has mesmerising insights into many mythical and fictitious characters who interact with Ram on his path to divinity. 

It begins with Vishwamitra preferring a young Ram ahead of his own nephew Parashuram, to lead the war against evil. Ram’s quest for a just, progressive, and peaceful society lends him into an unending struggle against powerful rakshasa tendencies of the vested interests, first in his own palace, then against immoral business empires, and finally against the most powerful terror lord in the world.

Exploring Ram’s rise through contemporary themes such as leadership, commercialisation of education system, crooked power games, ethics and values, tradition and modernity, woman empowerment, creating organisations and clash of civilisations; this fiction showcases Ram’s happiness and pathos, success and failures, and strength and weaknesses.