We are living in an exciting time. On one hand, Yuval Harari tells us how close we are to extinction ( and then she postpones it for few decades) ; on the other hand we see fundamentalist at their worst.

In past three decades the world has become a selfie theatre. Quick fix solutions and an urge to be seen and heard instantly have overpowered the old virtues like patience, hard work , courage, principles and faith.

Under the load of billions of books and trillions of Tera-bytes human heart suffocates. Our biggest weakness has been our myopic vision.

I promise to myself daily, to stay calmer, fitter; to read good books, to laugh with children, to think for a while and to write, but often I do fail. It’s a pity to see you as a mere tool in hands of others, knowingly.

Bachchan once wrote, ” जीवन की आपाधापी में कब वक़्त मिला, कुछ देर कहीं पर बैठ कभी यह सोच सकूँ ; जो किया कहा माना, उसमें क्या बुरा -भला ?”  We certainly need to take a pause and think about the good and the bad.

Lets treasure each and every interaction!

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